Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dog training 1/28/2014

So this is my first dog training post.  I have still been working on forming boundaries with Lucky such as crossing the street.  He's still got it down to where he sits before going into the street just about every time.  When he doesn't I pull back on the lead so he doesn't cross and then make sure I say let's go as we cross it.

Tonight we tried to do the Time training but it was difficult.  We attached one of the long cables we use outside to his collar since we didn't have a retractable.  He seemed okay with it and I got him comfortable running back and forth through where we usually play so he knew he could run with it.  Once I grabbed a toy to throw though he would take a couple steps and then stop.  Then he would go lay down.  I'm not really sure about what to do because I don't want to try the Time training without having a leash so I'm not chasing him down across the house if he wants to play chase.   I've also been trying to free shape Come but it's not really working because he never just sits right in front of me. He comes and sits but it's always next to me and never directly in front.  So if there was some way to do that I would like to hear it.  I've thought about maybe using treats but I don't know if that would work or if he would even here the command.  I'm going to try again tomorrow and see if I can get him to do it.


  1. Hey, Zack,
    Great job on building a blog, and also on your first post.
    Regarding your practices, it is important you thoroughly understand the Time concept and also off lead reinforcement in order to experience success with it. We can talk about this in class. As for greater shaping Come, you can lure him at first with food, or a toy, and just wait to attach the cure until he is getting pretty consistent. Again, I can help you with this at class.
    See you soon!

  2. Ugh, spell check; not "greater" shaping, "free" shaping.