Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lucky and Strangers

So last night Mom had someone over who hadnt met Lucky before. We had him tethered and I went up to her and greeted her first. He seemed fine with her. So after awhile I untethered him and went to pick up dinner for me and dad. Mom and her friend were in the basement and I guess he went down there. According to mom he seemed fine with her and went to smell her a couple times. When she got up to put a sack down he ran up to her like he wanted to play. She ignored him and he leaned in and started butting her arm with his nose.  Mom says she isnt sure if he used mouth or teeth or not.  Im not sure what they did after that but when I came home he was upstairs and the basement door was shut.

I guess she didnt actively try to move him out of her way and would just go around him. Mom says he didnt seem afraid of her. She said it was more like he was annoyed that she ignored him or that he wanted to play. Is this something I should be concerned about or no?  Other than meeting and tethering is there something I can do to prevent before that may be interpretted as aggressive?

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  1. Zack, I talked to the lady this morning and she did fill his teeth on her hand but it was just like a nip - not a bite but she said she felt the teeth. She said she felt like Lucky wanted her attention and she did not give it to me so he made himself known to her.